Freeland, I.S.

 ~ Photography does not create eternity, as art does; it embalms time..., ~
- André Bazin (1918–1958)

Located in Central Texas... I. Freeland, sources his approach to the image making process from various arts, and mediums. These influences are very much apparent within his body of work.

Having inherited his eye from his mother who is also responsible for giving him his first camera. Always having an eye towards the past, and a love for the process... analog photography takes center stage. Be it roll film, or an alternative process. His style lends itself predominantly to black & white, up close and personal, shallow depths with higher contrast. Giving the images a value more than a mere thousand words.



~Seeing yourself through Freeland's eyes is a phenomenal and delightful experience.  He captures your face, body, expression, gesture and energy at moments when your guard is down.  You're not posing.  You're just you.  You're not trying.  Freeland exposes those glimpses of beauty that will surprise you.  "Whoa, is that me?!" That's the hallmark of a gifted photographer.~

- Chai Chan