Virtually goes without saying that I was very much taken aback when I first came across an article about a man stumbling on to a blog showing literally a day in a life up until that life ended. It is still difficult for me to process it. Process what I am wanting it to mean as opposed to what it means if anything. Especially considering today marks the beginning of my fifth year of shooting an instant film image daily. At first it was to do something creative, it was a project I wanted to do with a friend... I completed the first year, and thought why not keep going? It had its ups and down and more than enough bad images taken just to check the box in order to keep pace. However there was some pretty decent shots as well, so I kept going. I must admit those feelings of throwing in the towel become more and more frequent all the way to asking myself what is the point of it. Does there need to be one, does it have to have a meaning... is that some Millennial Hipster nonsense? Now I go back to the blog of this man... Countless times I have typed and erased what I am trying to say here. I guess... maybe if you take a peak you too can understand.




Jamie Livingston